We can convert your old audio tapes and cassettes, into audio CDs or as MP3 music files

Audio CDs are just like those what you are able to buy in High Street Music shops.


A CD can store upto 80 minutes of music but an audio tape can have as much as 120 minutes (60 minutes per side). Hence we will typically store one side of your audio tape, onto one CD and then store the other side of your audio tape onto a second CD


If you require .MP3 music files, the file size is a lot smaller  and they can be stored on an USB key, an External Hard Drive or a blank dvd disc. 45 minutes of mp3 audio is typically 80MB in size. Small pieces of .MP3 audio can be sent via email.

We can also extract audio from your video tapes, reduce any background noise and make individual tracks, so that you can jump to the start of each new track.


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