Digits In Motion, are available for Emergency Work, 24 hours a day


        Most of our usual services are available 24 hours a day.

                               THE BENEFITS

1.      Your job will jump to the front of the queue. 

2.      As many staff and machines that are possible will be assigned to your job

3.      Every job, is fully checked. 

         Nothing is omitted, without your knowledge and consent.

4.      Your will be informed of the progress, throughout the task.


                                POINTS TO BE AWARE OF

1.      Any Free Collection and Delivery offers will not apply.

        You will be charged for ANY collection. deliveries, cab fares ,couriers  etc.

2.     Normal prices will not apply. 

        Cost will be an ongoing estimate, depending on factors  such as: -

       a. How much advance notice of the job was given

       b. Time taken  and number of staff needed.

       c. Number of Machines Used 

       d. How many other jobs we have had to put on hold

       e. The time you are requesting that the job is carried out ( i.e. Weekends,Bank Holidays, calling at 1am, etc)


3.     We will request a 24 hour contact phone number.

         If give us a mobile number, please  DO NOT SWITCH IT OFF !


4.     EMERGENCY WORK requires Emergency Pay !

        Companies can be invoiced, but please pay promptly. 

        You may be requested to make part of  the payment in advance.



             CALL NOW !

            0207 060 9888