Digits In Motion can convert all your dvds and video tapes, into formats that play in different countries.

DVDS basically are one of two types:

1. NTSC is played in America, Canada, South America, Japan, Caribbean and Korea.

2. PAL is used here in the UK, in fact PAL DVD is used throughout Europe, Australia, Africa and India

Most camcorder tapes would also record or playback their tapes in NTSC or PAL

VHS TAPES , were once all popular throughout the world and many regions had their own type (called Standard).

VHS NTSC  was /is  used by the same countries as those now using NTSC for DVDs

VHS PAL was /is used by England, Most of Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, India and Pakistan

VHS PAL M was used by Brazil

VHS PAL N was used by Argentina and  Paraguay

VHS SECAM L was solely used by France

VHS MESECAM was used mainly in the Middle East and Russia

So, if for example your tape was recorded as PAL and you want to "copy it" to a DVD to play as NTSC, you will need to get the tape converted. You cannot just attach video and audio leads directly to each machines, as the DVD will be receiving the wrong signal.


Another thing to note, is some PAL camcorders and PAL VHS players will often advertise that they have a feature called NTSC PLAYBACK. This means that they can play the NTSC tapes and you can see them fine on your TV. But the signal is not genuine and is just a "QUICK FIX", meant for viewing only. You cannot record from a machine that is using NTSC playback.