More and more users are requesting that we transfer their videos into a computer format.  With your videos converted this way, you can then load them into an editing program, such as iMovie or Final Cut on Apple Mac computers  or  Windows Movie Maker, Pinnacle or Roxio on the PC and edit them, chopping out any unwanted scenes and adding music, titles and special effects. After you have finished editing you may want to make a dvd or upload the video to website such as You Tube

The format we recommend can depend on what you ultimately plan to do with the created computer data formats.

The most popular formats are .MP4 which will work with every editing program (except Movie Maker on the PC)

Other popular formats are .MOV ,  DV AVI and .WMV

Once we have converted your tapes into computer data,  you will need get this data onto your own computer.

We provide the data in 1 of 4 ways: -


1. Email Links,   Upon converting your video to a computer file, one of the quickest ways of getting it to you is via an Email with a link, that you just click on, in order to download.  We use WETRANSFER.COM. We have the full 20GB quota.

2. USB

3. External Hard Drive

As before, you must copy the files from the USB or External Hard Drive into your own computer hard drive.

If you plan to bring your own Hard Drive or USB memory key with your tapes, please contact us first, so that we can ensure that your storage will be large enough for the data that we will produce.

Alternatively, we can loan you a USB key or External hard drive, for 4 days, for FREE.

4, DVD

DVD discs can be used to store a small number of .MP4 or .MOV files. It is important to note that these are NOt regular DVDs but just data stored on a dvd. You must copy the files onto your computer hard drive and edit that. NOTE : these disc will not work in a regular DVD machine.